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Digestive Health

Digestion is a key element in overall health and well being. Were you aware that over 70 percent of the immune system is in the digestive tract? A healthy gut supports so many other areas in the body. The inability to digest food properly could indicate a deficiency of stomach acid and digestive enzymes. This is a common problem due to poor eating habits and high stress levels. If there is a deficiency in digestive enzymes your body will pull enzymes into the digestive organs from other parts of your body, which are critical for proper immune regulation and cellular processes. This could lead to a depletion of enzymes in other systems and processes not directly related to digestion.

Improving digestive function is one of the most important steps you can take in improving your health.

Some common tips include:

  • Drink plenty of water – but not at meals. The digestive system needs to be well hydrated like the rest of the body, but downing glasses of water near mealtime could impair digestive strength and may cause upset stomach.nutritional.jpgDrink water 15-30 minutes before a meal and wait about an hour afterwards;
  • Eat raw fruits and vegetables; it’s a great way to get natural enzymes and nutrients that might otherwise be denatured by heat through cooking;
  • Eat wholesome foods; chemical food additives, artificial sweeteners, colors and preservatives, and highly processed grains could interfere with the digestive process. Eat whole, natural foods as much as possible.
  • Supplement when necessary; you can replenish your reserve of enzymes through supplementation. (We can help with this. Remember the importance of whole food supplements.)


Sometimes even your best efforts cannot undo the damage already done. In these instances, there are various protocols we can try to help heal your GI Tract.

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